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We know how hard it is to manage

a fleet of vehicles/drivers

We know because we have managed fleets for the past 15 years. ModusFleet is a simple and easy to use software and driver app designed to meet todays fleet challenges.

Never miss an MOT, licence expiry

date or vehicle service again

Have you experienced problems keeping up to date with MOT's, licence checks or vehicle servicing? ModusFleet will automate your processes, reducing administration and provide clear communication between yourself and your driver

Improve driver safety

Your drivers are your assets, but driving on business is one of the highest risks an employee can face. With our driver app we have made sure safety is at the heart of what we do. Our driver app has accident reporting, emergency & supplier phone numbers tailored to your business and information on breakdowns and accident information. It also features a comprehensive vehicle check for cars, vans and HGV's.

Centralised, secure information

The ModusFleet system ensures that all your vehicle and driver information is kept in one place and you can manage the system in-house or we can manage it for you and ensure you have a customer dashboard, so you can see exactly what vehicles and drivers you have. Our fleet management system is easy to use and update and provides reports too. All vehicle information is imported direct via the DVLA, so you can ensure the information is always accurate.

We are not stopping here...

Our system and driver app is being continually updated with new features, and we have some amazing features which are being developed right now. So if there is something you need, just ask...you never know, it may already be in development or we may be able to tailor it to your needs.

The biggest thing that stops companies

investing in a system is cost

We didn't want cost to be a factor for a company when sourcing improvements - which is why the ModusFleet system is available from just £2.50 per vehicle/driver per month* and we promise not to give you any hard sell. The feedback we have been given so far has been great and we believe the benefits of the system will sell itself! Fancy getting ModusFleet for free? Customers who use out outsourced services get ModusFleet completely free along with a customer dashboard, so you can keep track of things yourself, should you wish.

Our Services

It is time to deliver on your priorities

As a vehicle fleet operator, we know your time is precious. You may have multiple roles where Fleet ... is just a part of your day. You have a duty of care responsibility to keep your drivers and members of the public safe and you have to manage the drivers effectively and responsibly. On top of this, while you wish to drive efficiencies, you need to balance this with cost effectiveness and a return on investment.

We get it because that is our background too

We get it because that is our background too. We have managed vehicle fleets for over ... 15 years and have researched the market for cost-effective software that can really make a difference. Every time we found a product, it didn’t quite match our ambitions or the price was too high…so we found a different route, hired a team of developers and created our own. Now we would like to share this with you!

Prefer more help?

ModusFleet is available as a stand-alone option or if you prefer, we can manage it for you – ...you can then just relax in front of the customer dashboard – knowing that it is up to date and your drivers have everything they need.

Our Mission

our aim is to help our customers through the wide range of services we offer. From ModusFleet software to full administration ...and outsourcing services – we can tailor our approach to our customers requirements. Our expertise brings together all areas of fleet management and our partnership with companies means we can guide them through the legal, environmental and technological challenges that fleets are currently facing at this unprecedented time.

The System

  • Centralised vehicle and driver information.
  • Multiple Users.
  • Automatic reminders for MOT, tax and servicing.
  • Record driver licence checks.
  • Reporting Suite.
  • Record and track accidents.
  • Customer dashboard.

Driver App

  • Accident reporting.
  • Damage recording.
  • Walk-around check for cars, vans and HGV’s.
  • P11D information for company car drivers.
  • Fuel spend.
  • Supplier contacts bespoke to your company.
  • Emergency information on breakdowns and accidents.

Key Benefits

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Improve driver communication and safety
  • Suitable for cars, vans, HGV’s, Pool drivers, Grey Fleet (cash takers)
  • Suitable for all SME’s up to a fleet size of approximately 150 vehicles
  • Keep all vehicle and driver information in one place
  • Automated MOT, tax, service and driver licence reminders
  • Intuitive vehicle checks in the app, which change with vehicle type
  • Roadworthiness checks for cars & vans
  • Damage checks for cars and vans
  • HGV walk-around check
  • Accident Reporting
  • Emergency Information for drivers via the app
  • Contact numbers tailored to your fleet operation
  • P11D data (where required)
  • Lease contract data control (where required)
  • Store licence penalties and other penalty information

Modus Fleet

ModusFleet has been designed to overcome challenges identified in over 15 years of vehicle fleet management.

Developed by ICFM and CPC qualified fleet managers, this system is designed to take the leg-work out of fleet management, free up your time and reduce costs while dramatically improving driver communication with our market leading driver app.

The system is easy to use, with clear, printable reports and is designed to capture all your driver and vehicle information in one central system.